my wellness walk

This September, kick-start your wellness journey, by walking 10 miles in a day for Diabetes UK.

Take your first steps towards a healthier, more content you, by challenging yourself to walk 10 miles around your local area this September. Connect with nature, spend quality time with friends and family and explore a new side of your hometown, whilst raising vital funds for Diabetes UK.

about the challenge

Get sponsored to walk 10 miles for Diabetes UK.

It has never been more important for us to take care of our wellbeing and - now that we can spend a bit more time outdoors - it’s important that we keep active.  My Wellness Walk will give you a fitness goal to work towards, as well as the space and time to reconnect with what’s important in life. Walk 10 miles in a day and raise money for Diabetes UK.

With every step, you’ll be funding our life-changing research and helping us provide essential care for those affected by diabetes. Not only will you be walking for your wellbeing, but also for the wellbeing of people living with diabetes, including those we love. 

Walk for wellbeing, your way.

Step 1

Sign up to get your wellness journey started. Registration is completely free!

Step 2

Choose a day in September to complete your sponsored 10 mile Wellness Walk

Step 3

Set your fundraising target and share your page with friends and family to raise vital sponsorship for Diabetes UK. You could even nominate them to take part in My Wellness Walk too!

Step 4

Track the miles you walk in September towards a healthier, more content, you. Find out more about how your platform tracker works here.

Together, we’re walking for a healthier, more content future

why take part?

Whatever your reason for taking part in My Wellness Walk, it’s a great step towards a healthier you. Walking is good for us because we burn calories, it’s easy to fit into our day and it’s low impact on our joints. Physical exercise and spending time in nature can reduce stress, lift your mood and improve sleep. And taking on our Wellness Walk challenge gets you together with a friendly community that’s changing the world for people with diabetes.

activity logged

Funds Raised

why your support matters?

By taking on a Wellness Walk and being sponsored to walk 10 miles in a day you’ll be supporting us to help thousands of people living with diabetes feel a little healthier, and get even more out of life every single day. One of the ways in which we do this is through our helpline – we provide specialist information and advice on all aspects of living with diabetes. We are on call to provide answers, support or just to talk to someone who knows about diabetes.


could help keep the Helpline open for people who need our support and advice


could go towards the training a new Helpline assistant, enabling us to answer every call


could go towards the overall running costs of our Helpline, which countless people depend on at this uncertain time

What are you waiting for? Sign up, feel the benefits and make every mile count for people affected by diabetes.

Any questions? Email, or call 0345 123 2399.

Begin your wellness story and join us in starting along the road to a healthier, more content future today.

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